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Sarcoptes - Songs And Dances Of Death Cassette

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Hailing from Sacramento, CA, black metal duo Sarcoptes released their first full-length, Songs And Dances of Death, through Cimmerian Shade Recordings in April, 2016. Graven Earth Records is proud to release this album for the first time on tape. Transparent red cassette with a full color 2-sided insert.


S1. The Veil of Disillusion
S2. The Sexton's Spade
S3. The Fall of Constantinople
S4. When Stars Hide Their Fires

D1. Barbarossa
D2. Within the Labyrinth Mind

49 Minutes


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-Praise for Songs And Dances Of Death-

"Songs And Dances Of Death pleasantly blends the best of '80s thrash and '90s black metal into one of the most captivating debuts this year. This album absolutely rips."
-Consequence of Sound, ranked #8 best metal album of 2016 in May.

"'Barbarossa' ends on a mighty note of gunfire and artillery shells that will surely make jaded heshers from the 80s smile, but it's in the ultra-right, black metal-influenced riffs interspersed between grandiose keyboard flourishes, mesmerizing layered vocals, and nuanced percussive syncopation in 'Within the Labyrinth Mind' that the band really demonstrates their full capabilities... It's beautiful, to put it frankly."
-Toilet Ov Hell

"...this album is so lovely. Symphonic, diabolical, and above all else: effortlessly classic. Sublime."

"...a descent into sin and damnation... Sarcoptes deliver a near unrelenting assault of blackened fury, but throw in some guitar melodies, synthesized gothic choral elements, and even the odd touch of oriental unfluence, and you have yourself a lovely little witches brew of sound to pull your mind towards memento mori - the knowledge that all life is fleeting, and one day we'll have our own little dance with death."
-No Clean Singing

"Sarcoptes uses this album's six songs to share a sensibility that straddles the lines between classic death metal's pacing and riff structure and the bombast of 90's symphonic black metal with tasteful yet prominent keyboards and harsh, higher register vocals... If the beautifully uncomfortable middle ground between majesty and mayhem is a place you like to visit, I urge you to listen and lose yourself in Songs and Dances of Death."
-Black Metal And Brews

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